Online tools: How to make a cool CV

The academic and professional trajectory is not enough to attract the attention of companies looking to find new talent. In this post, we give you the keys to a cool CV.

Having a cool CV is important. As we mentioned in our post How to make a CV that stands out, recruiters spend an average of only 6 or 15 seconds reading a resume to see if they are in front of the CV of the ideal candidate. In other words, it is not only important the format; having a good appearance on your curriculum really matters.

There are different online tools that allow us to create great CVs with which you can attract the attention of recruiters. However, do not forget that self-confidence must be added to this, give off your qualities, cause a good image and take care of the way of expressing yourself above all. In this case, we present examples of some websites that will help you create an attractive curriculum:


Digital tools for a cool CV


This tool allows the creation of your curriculum from an infographic quickly and for free. In addition, and like other pages, it allows you to import your data from the professional social network Linkedin. In this way, Kinzaa provides visually striking curriculums just by registering and starting to create.


Canva helps us create a great and cool CV for free by organizing all your information quickly and easily. It has a selection of 30 professional resume templates or you can design and customize according to your own style from scratch. Moreover, this web platform also contains a wide range of stock photography, icons, fonts, and an assortment of backgrounds appropriate for each personality.


This platform provides you with a great number of downloadable templates for free, and in different formats. For example, Coolfreecv works as a curriculum builder, which means that you can create and personalize your resume.


To create your CV in Comoto, you can import your work and academic information from portals such as Linkedin, without having to fill in all the information. This page offers a multitude of options to design your CV in a very visual and original way and totally free. It contains different templates and tools that will help you in its elaboration.


The free version offers six templates, but by paying a certain amount you can access its full services. The only drawback is that, unlike the other tools, CVMaker does not allow you to import the information, but you must enter everything by hand.


This tool is characterized by ease of use. In the free edition of Kickresume, you can access a limited number of designs, while with your paid account you can access a greater amount of content. You do not need to register to start working on the application. Select your template, fill in your details, and voila!

And now… let’s get to work creating an amazing curriculum!

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