The battle for Artificial Intelligence

The battle for artificial intelligence (AI) and investment in technology are more frequent in organizations to boost their businesses.
Inteligencia Artificial

Many rumors are surrounding the battle for artificial intelligence (AI) as more and more companies say they are using it.

Organizations in all sectors are investing in artificial intelligence tools and techniques to boost their businesses. Everyone from large companies, governments, universities, and even startups is investing in the field of AI.

Everyone puts their money behind AI because it will undoubtedly reshape the world we live in.

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Artificial Intelligence in Universities

Since the beginning of the AI ​​boom in the early 2010s, there has been a corresponding drought in talented AI developers and

In recent years, the news was known that the MIT “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” launched a new university dedicated to computing and artificial intelligence. However, the university will not have its building until 2022. MIT’s Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing is intended to serve as a hub for the institution’s other five universities. All of this is made possible by a $ 350 million donation from Blackstone CEO Stephan Schwarzman.

Student IA tecnology

Our Carlos III University is also following this step. UC3M and the Álava Ingenieros company have created a new chair to promote research in the field of computer vision. A scientific area that focuses on making artificial intelligence can relate to the environment through vision, in a similar way to how we humans do. Read the full story here

On the other hand, our university also offers specialized postgraduate studies in Computer Science and Technology. For more information, you can click here.


A report from the trading firm McKinsey Global Institute from September 2018 said that artificial intelligence could be responsible for an additional 1.2% growth in the annual gross domestic product over the next 10 years. AI could bring more than $ 13 trillion to global economic activity by 2030, as more applications are used. The United States and China currently dominate the world of AI. Certainly, the US academic system has generated and incubated the research that made today’s AI possible.

IA Governments

However, the Chinese government has promised billions in funding so far. While the ongoing trade war is grabbing all the headlines. It is the fight for dominance in the A.I. space that could shape the economic fortunes of the two world powers. China’s goal is claimed to be fostering $ 1 trillion in artificial intelligence. industry by 2030.

New players

Berlin wants to catch up with the leading nations in artificial intelligence. Germany has pledged to spend € 3 billion on artificial intelligence over the next six years. The increased funding is part of a national artificial intelligence strategy aimed at helping the nation catch up with China and the U.S. Only 11% of German companies say they currently use AI, according to a recent survey by Bitkom technology association. Analysts and industry representatives have long warned that Germany is lagging behind rival countries in the field of artificial intelligence, which is seen not only as critical to new products and markets, but also as a potential threat. for some of the most important industries in the country, especially the automobile sector.

The battle for Artificial Intelligence in Companies

At the heart of companies’ battle for AI are a few household names: Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. A similar, albeit less transparent, battle is raging in China between companies like Alibaba and Baidu. Several have put AI at the center of their strategies.
As one of the five most valuable companies in the world, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is perhaps only a few years away from a $ 1 trillion valuation. They use artificial intelligence as a driving force behind almost everything they do, from search results to ad prices, autonomous driving technology, and their personal assistant software; GOOG should be considered one of the best artificial intelligence actions out there. AI plays a central role in Google’s strategy for future growth under the leadership of CEO Sundar Pichaim, who explained in a 2016 conference call: “In the long term, we are evolving computing from a ‘mobile first’ world. to a world of ‘AI first’, “

AI Companies

Visionary Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, now the world’s richest man according to the Forbes 2021 list, emphasized the enormous power of AI and a wide variety of ways Amazon will take advantage of it. Considering that machine learning already reports core parts of Amazon such as product search rankings, recommendations, demand forecasting, fraud protection, and warehouse compliance, artificial intelligence is also critical to the Alexa’s virtual assistant and future plans for drone delivery and cashier-less grocery stores. The healthcare partnership with JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Berkshire Hathaway is also likely to be an AI-powered company.


To conclude, no matter where you are or who you are, artificial intelligence is likely to have an impact on your life for years to come. Giant companies like IBM are investing huge amounts in their research. Considering that AI is still developing, ambitious people still have a chance to join. With a good IT knowledge base, it is possible to join this revolutionary movement and become part of history in the making.

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Written by: Sandra Glavonjic.
Optimized by: Diana Nathalie Moreno

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The battle for Artificial Intelligence

The battle for artificial intelligence (AI) and investment in technology are more frequent in organizations to boost their businesses.

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