The Alcohol Industry on 2021


The alcohol industry encompasses not only the producers of the various alcoholic beverages and their distributors, but also the owners of points of sale and the entertainment industry. Thus, the alcohol industry is made up of multiple entities that influence and contribute to its development. Therefore, it is an industry that has high barriers to entry, especially for participants in smaller markets.

Regarding the internationalization or international expansion of the alcoholic industry market, it can be determined that the industry is currently trying to establish a unique presence in the markets where it operates. As a consequence, this strategy has generated an increase in online sales of alcoholic beverages.

The alcoholic beverage industry and COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected every industry that makes up the market. The snapshot of the disease has acted as a massive restriction in the alcoholic beverage market in 2020, as a result of the disruption of supply chains in the face of trade restrictions and blockades imposed by governments worldwide. This led to a decrease in the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the market during the 2020 bottleneck. However, the alcohol industry is expected to recover from the shock during the forecast period.

Relevance of the alcoholic beverage industry in our lives

Alcoholic beverages is a product, which as we indicated above, is used in multiple aspects of human life, from religious to social motives. Therefore, this alcohol industry plays a key role in our economy. Around 446 billion liters of beer, wine and spirits are consumed each year worldwide.

The product that stands out in the alcoholic beverage industry as the most important and largest in the market is beer, which is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in Spain, and the second most consumed in the world (the first being distilled beverages). This product is highly concentrated, with 60% of the global volume controlled by five leading companies in the sector (AB InBev, Molson Coors, Heineken, Diageo y Carlsberg) and represents around 4% to 7% of total alcohol sales in the world.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages varies from country to country due to cultural differences. According to the World Health Organization’s European Health Report, Europe is the region with the highest alcohol consumption, with an average of 8.71 liters of pure alcohol per person per year.

How to promote or expand your brand in the alcoholic beverage industry?

Promoting an alcohol brand does not require the company to completely reinvent its strategy. In fact, the best approach is usually to go exactly where people already enjoy alcoholic products, being the entertainment industry (restaurants, festivals, parties, etc.). Thus, to expand your business it is important to have contacts not only in the alcohol industry, but also in the entertainment industry.

Based on this, we made a list of the ten most relevant festivals and fairs of the alcoholic beverage industry around the world where you can find great opportunities to start or expand your business.

Bar Convent

In Berlin, Germany, October 8-10, it has become one of the leading international trade fairs for the bar and beverage industry. Bar owners, bartenders, distributors and manufacturers from around 80 countries come to BCB in Berlin each year to make new contacts, learn about product innovations and attend seminars. The BCB has expanded its global network with more BCB trade fairs in the USA and Brazil. Every year, the “Who’s Who” of German and European representatives of this industry meet in Berlin to make new contacts, learn about new product innovations and attend seminars to deepen their expertise. For further information, please contact us.

Foodex Japan

It is Asia’s No.1 professional trade show for Food & Beverage with almost 3 000 exhibitors from 80 countries. Over 77 000 professional visitors attended FOODEX 2015, including over 7 000 from Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, and Hong Kong. The event is taking place  in Tokyo, Japan, March 8−11. 2022. More information:

Rum Renaissance Festival (Miami, USA, April 22−23)

It is presenting the largest rum festival in the World — attracting rum experts, professionals and enthusiasts from more than 30 countries. More information:


In Barcelona is one of the largest trade shows for food and beverages, manages more than 150 000 m2 of net exhibition space, 5 000 exhibitors and 200 000 buyers. It attracts the largest manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. As a trade fair it is primarily aimed at decision makers from diverse sectors of the food industry. For visitors it is an excellent opportunity to share with colleagues and make new business contacts. The next event will be held on the 4-7 of April 2022. More information:

WSWA (Las Vegas, USA, April 11— 14.2022)

It is the largest gathering of America’s wine and spirits distributors, as well as suppliers from around the world who seek to enter or grow their brands in the USA marketplace. More information:

Imbibe Live (London, UK, September  13−14. 2021)

It is the UK’s leading innovative and interactive B2B annual exhibition focused on the complete range of on-trade drinks, from spirits, beers and ciders, to cocktails, tea, coffee, waters and other associated products. Last year edition welcomed almost 12 000 drinks professionals. More information:

The International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show (IBWSS)

It will give supermarkets, restaurants, retailers, wineries, importers, distilleries and other buyers a premier international platform to source bulk wine, bulk spirits and meet private label suppliers from all over the world. IBWSS buyers are other wineries and distilleries looking to meet up their demand, importers, retailers and distributors looking for private label programs and negociants who are looking to meet the growers and producers. Over the course of two days leading figures from the global  wine industry will share their advice, insights and experiences on how bulk wine and spirits can help grow your private label and branded product business. The next event will be held on November 20-21.2021 in San Francisco, USA. More information:

Fein & Wein Tasting Festival Wiesbaden

Offers to taste: wine, secco, brandies, gin, liquor, whiskey, cheese, ham, salami, chocolates, accessories and much more. Exhibitors from the Fein, Wein & Spirits Wiesbaden will also benefit from the synergy effects of our versatile events and will become part of the growing design and enjoyment community in a strong metropolitan area. It is a great opportunity to go to the market of the beverage industry. The Fein & Wein Tasting Festival will take place on 2 days from 19. June to 20. June 2021 in Wiesbaden. More information:

USA Trade Tasting (USATT)

It is the largest industry meeting place for professionals of viticulture, production, and trade. Each year, this wine and spirits industry trade show records 100+ exhibitors and 2000+ buyers attending, connecting, learning and growing their business. Wine, Beer and Spirits suppliers who are looking to grow their distribution in the USA, it is the perfect event for you to connect with buyers of the USA. It is a great opportunity to have access to a platform to introduce your brands to thousands of interested buyers.The United States Trade Tasting takes place for the 5th time during 2 days from  09.08.2021 to 10.08.2021 in New York City. More information:


It is the South West’s ‘super show’ for all those with an interest in speciality foods and quality drinks, profitable catering and inspired hospitality. The Source trade show brings together two established trade events; the Source & Taste of the West Trade Show and the Expowest Westcountry catering trade show. It combines the best of both – this is a ‘super show’ where you get extra helpings of fresh inspiration and exciting opportunities. Identify new trends, network, meet new and existing suppliers, and be inspired by the passion and enthusiasm they have for their products. The show will have stands for more than 200 exhibitors, ready to attract more than 2,000 trade buyers. Trade Show will take place on 2 days from Tuesday, 08. June to Wednesday, 09. June 2021 in Exeter, UK. More information:

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Written by: Natalja Lainjarv

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