7 Key Books for Social Entrepreneurs

Key Books-Social Entrepreneurs


New business models and philosophies are emerging at an increasing rate today. One of these is the term “social entrepreneur,” which refers to someone who not only pursues personal benefit but also seeks to make positive changes in their surroundings through their efforts. Although it appears to be an easy task, it is not, which is why today we bring you 7 key books for social entrepreneurs that are goint to give you the necessary knowledge for this change.

Dare to think purple

If you are a woman and want to make a difference, this is the book for you. This survival guide for women and people of color explains from an honest and logical point of view, the first years of a social entrepreneur, how to create viable companies and at the same time make an impact on our society. Therefore, this book is one of the most relevant key books for social entrepreneurs, because although we live in a society characterized by greater equality and integration, the differences are still really visible, therefore, it is necessary to know how to act in this diverse and contradictory world in which we find ourselves through the best tools and knowledge.

“Yes, it is possible to build profitable companies that solve the world’s challenges and of course, women and diversity are leading this way” Danielle Kristine Author

The greater good

A book that encourages everyone to make a positive impact in our society. The author gives an inspiring perspective on how individuals can work to improve the world based on their values and beliefs. To run a successful business, the author claims that you don’t need a degree or knowledge of economics.

Habits for success and significance

“Everyone can be successful, but not everyone succeeds” The author with this sentence already gives us a glimpse of the essence of his book. Good advice and a list of actions to do to be successful. According to Randy Wagner if you want to have the success of Jeff Bezos for example, you just have to copy his habits and apparently they are not impossible. From an original and different point of view, the explanation of how to succeed is between the pages of this book.

How to change the word – Social entrepreneurs and the power of new ideas

 The number one book in the social entrepreneurs section on Goodreads and probably one of the best known books in this article. “What business entrepreneurs are to the economy, social entrepreneurs are to social change.” In this book, the author presents us with profiles of people he knows, focusing on their personalities, strategies, and techniques that he shares, interspersing personal stories with anecdotes and analysis of his situation. A fascinating book about real life scenarios.

This changes everything

“Climate change is here and according to Naomi Klein our political systems and our companies must act and lend themselves to change”

Bestselling author Naomi Klein explains how climate change is capitalism and how through our companies we can build something totally new. She also encourages us to realize that climate change is a wake-up call to action. Either we act or we sink.

Creative Confidence

The Kelley brothers describe the ultimate strategies for us to be more creative, not just in our business but in our lives as well. These will make us innovate in a more original way. From anecdotes of entrepreneurs who have passed through Stanford to his own, are some of the examples of creativity that we can find in this book.

The B corp handbook

Being a leader is never easy and more so today. Adapting to the sector of your company and knowing how to understand it, as well as its environment is one of the keys that this book tells us. Create not only a profitable business but one that is committed to society, its environment and of course its shareholders. A thousand companies are already B corp and with this book yours can be too. Leading companies in their sector, protecting workers, building stronger communities and helping to end climate change. Tips and good advice is what you will find in this book.

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